Become a member

A citizen of Mongolia who has reached the age of 18 and has expressed his / her aspirations (platform) and charter of the Mongolian People's Party and expressed his / her support for its activities may join the Mongolian People's Party.

logo 1. MISSION

The Mongolian People's Party will build a virtuous society that cherishes the independence and fundamental national interests of Mongolia, strengthens the humane and civil democratic society, and carries the achievements of the past, the efforts of the present, and the dreams of future generations.

It is the MISSION of the Mongolian People's Party to express the will of the people and to strive for the development of a humane and civil democratic society in the country.
The Mongolian People's Party will work to win the elections for the establishment of state and local self-governing organizations or to implement its policies and programs as a majority.

logo 2. IDEOLOGY

The Mongolian People's Party is a political organization with a SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC concept that values Freedom, Justice, Solidarity, and national fundamental interests.


  • Any citizen of Mongolia who has reached the age of 18 and agrees to the charter and basic rules of the Mongolian People's Party and expresses his/her support for its activities can become a member of the Mongolian People's Party.
  • Have values of freedom, justice, and solidarity

The values of the Mongolian People's Party are freedom, justice and solidarity. 

Freedom means that everyone is provided with the opportunity to enjoy their freedom and make choices, is protected from arbitrary encroachment on human rights and liberties, and has a combination of rights, duties, and responsibilities;

Justice means giving equal opportunities to everyone to live a good life and fair distribution of social resources;

Solidarity means that everyone takes mutual responsibility, supports each other, and works together for the good of society;

  •  Believe that the charter of the Mongolian People's Party is important for society and essential for life
  •  Have read and agreed to the basic rules of the Mongolian People's Party
  • Want to contribute to the development of society more than it is now

Are interested in having a community of like-minded people and want to grow, please apply for a membership.


The request to join the Mongolian People's Party shall be made in writing or online. After receiving the confirmation of the membership or registering in the online system, the citizen will be considered as a member of the Party. Capital city Party Committee, the Party Committee of the district, province, or soum will proceed with registration. 

If you have submitted a request to the Mongolian People's Party online:
Requests to join the Party online will be decided by the Party Committee of the province or Capital city or the Party's middle-level organization (MDO). The officer responsible for the online registration of the MDO receives online requests, examines, presents it to the executives of the Party Committee, and resolves the request within 10 working days.
If it is considered that the citizen who has applied online meets the requirements for becoming a party member, the party's e-registration officer will contact the applicant, take the detailed application and request, and register it in the party's electronic data.  The registration will be notified to the citizen and to their primary organization of the party to which they are appointed to.
MDO will allow newly joined members to make a statement, introduce morning meetings, and actively involve them in the training and activities of the new party member.
If you have provided handwritten request to the Mongolian People's Party:
Submit a written request to join the Party to the MDO of your permanent residence. The head of the MDO will review the citizen's request and deliver the decision to join the Party along with relevant information to the higher-level Party organization.
The Party organization at the highest level will register it in the online request and decide during the National People's Congress.
The Party member will be notified by the MDO that they have been registered online.
The MDO will allow the newly joined member to express his/her opinion, introduce him/her to the morning meeting, participate in the training and activities of the new party member, and work actively.


If a decision is made to refuse registration to become a Party member, the relevant Party committee must inform the citizen clearly of the reasons for the refusal. Registration to become a Party member will be refused in the following cases, if you:

  • are a foreign citizen;
  • are a member of other Party;
  • are a civil servant;
  • have been convicted by a court for committing corruption or official crime specified in the Criminal Code;
  • have a mental illness or disorder;
  • other reasons;


  • The Party member's tax is a financial resource required for the operation of the Party's primary cells and committees.
  • Party member's tax is 1000 (one thousand) MNT per month. 
  • Students and members over the age of 70 can be exempted from tax.
  • Party members can pay taxes in kind or in the form of goods and services.
  • The member of the Party shall pay the tax to the MDO of the relevant Party committee.


The Mongolian People's Party is a non-governmental organization, which operates in the fields of involving and supporting its members in the implementation of the mission and programs, promoting the party's concepts and activities, conducting research and analysis, and participating in public works that benefit the citizens.